Lost Deliverance

c1993 Röder/Hawaii

The sun went down to the ground,
and the brightness lost fight.

Only shadows of pain are still there, everybody can perceive it.
Our brains keep in suspence,

the torture take place day by day.
The fire unchained nearly as good, our chance of deliverance is lost.

But there are some careless creatures, who never see the shadows in the dark
They live their life by night,
stepping around the ashes of the world

Celebrate the Stigmata – by night Leaded by the light – of live

Possessed By The Devil

c1993 Röder/Hawaii

Breathing gets – weak and weaker
My spirit straughted by the evil.
The whip of power leshes harder
I wait for help to deliver me

Scattered’s the brain
only my soul remains tortured, heaten, scain by the hand
In my body – live fades
soon I melt with soil and ground

(Solo / Refrain / Solo)
Like a chuck of meat my spirit is beaten up
and the devils club hits me harder and hard
My time has passed, I’ve suffered long enough
but still it’s not over, my spirits yet too strong

Was dropped – like a mesh
my body lays down on the ground
Painted red by the blood dust to ash
spirit and soul are dead.

(direkt Refrain)

Possessed by the devil
geschlagen von der Peitsche der Macht
Possessed by the devil
Was hast Du aus meinem Körper gemacht


c1993 Röder/Hawaii


You helpless little creature
In a timeless dying world
The wheel of time can’t be turned back
So you are on the way to hell

Contaminated is the air you breathe
Disappearing life all around
The landscape doesn’t bring food enough
Too many people live in town

Your pocket is getting smaller
A computer killed your job
The president is still lying
And your wife has stolen your hope

So don’t wonder if they ask you
Why should we pay your subsistence
Try to get your own shit money
We can’t keep your existence

Refrain: Schwarze Träume ziehen durch das Land
Die Hoffnung am Morgen ist längst verbrannt
So geh‘ hinaus und nimm Abschied
Dein Leben fließt aus Deiner Hand

Hide Away

c1993 Röder

Hide away just for one day
To the time we spend our life together
To the time where you were telling me softly that you would be mine

Hide away
a voice in me seems to say
please don’t lose your mind by thinking of a white wedding
Come on, forget those days when luck was by your side

Dark is the sky – dark are my eyes
black are my clothes I’m so many people do this anyway

Hiding wide through the night
I lose my mind by dancing in big cities in discos, bars and parties on and on

Hide away
There’s no more for me to say
The nights are getting colder in September the nicest summer I will always remember

Philosophy Of Life

c1993 Röder/Hawaii

Till the darkest night I’m waiting
To look for other ones who walk around like me
In the black of the night we enjoy a meeting
By mystic lights we dance till the morning comes
We aren’t depressive or sick of life
But we feel connected to the other side

Time to go wide
Feel the luck in this strangest night
And when my mind begins to fade
The king of darkness starts to pray
Shapeless voices seem to sing
Like brothers and sisters we’re together till next day

There’s a voice in me who leads me through the night
To the place I want to be
In churchyards and ruins of history
I can feel my life is more than it seems to be ~
Creatures of night Pray for tenderness

To The Damned

c1993 Schulz/Stigmata

Saw a dark and bloody lake on the street last night
another hopeless dreamer has been passed away
little puppet, cut strings broken on the ground
you’ve surely never thought someone could struck you down

Switched on television hoped to ease the pain
heard screams of helpless mothers whose children sucked in vain
playing, digging in the sand had been sealed their fate
poisoned by industrial waste for sorries it’s too late

Tried to find humanity between the legs of many girls
the absence of reality changed sex to a religious thing
walking on that sacred ground made prayers sounding too ridiculous
but that old faith has tumbled down since four small letters curse the sin


So don’t tell me the sky is blue don’t tell me ‚bout your past
when gods above don’t like you this breath could be your last
and this is not the only force that can put an end
man’s genius is sick enough to send you to the damned

Totally Balanced

c1993 Röder/Hawaii

There’s an unknown place
Deep in tho endless space
Everybody looks around to see
To find it now means to be free
We’ve got a message
You try to live your life
Your pokerface seems to be pride
But deep inside your blue
You’re Iike Ihe other ones. Ihat’s true
So if gou want to change your life
Don’t stand in Iho shadow of the night
Come with us to Ihe place
You’ll be happy. gladly shines gour face
There is no more lo ask for
Come with us through the door The end of your journey is there All the answers of life a clear

Feel the totally balance
mentally gone. lifeless community is buried now!

Turning Circle

c1994 Röder/Hawaii

We don’t care about the thinks they talk about our lives
Cause in every step we do the others watching us by day
and night we’re are not the presidents We are not the chiefs
It’s just a different faith we believe in

So if you feel like us don’t worry if they watching you
between the other lives there will be someone who’ll stand by you
You’re not a criminal – You’re not a thief
It’s only a different way you believe

Why do you look so nice although
I know that you are bad my mind can’t accept
What is telling me about my intellect but now the time is right
To risk the way to you
Only what my heard decides is good

I look at the endless sky only the clouds
Are prisoners of our lives so I know it’s hard for me

To live in a dying world
Is almost normal for you and me our way to think in little frames
Is the trick to protect us from insanity

Refrain: 1

Lights always shine in darkness
Love can happen in many ways
Friends to meet never was easy
But here is the place where we want to be

Refrain: 2

Can you count the stars – can you feel their pain
Or do you hide away when it starts to rain
Are you ready to swim against the streaming flood
Or is your coward mind like moveless roots?

Living on Mars

Stigmata 1995 2001
„Living on Mars“ Unveröffentlichte Demoaufnahme
(Röder/ Ari & Kai Hawaii , Prod. Ruzicka)

Living on Mars – c1996 Röder/Hawaii

Living on Mars this time
Seams like a foreign sign
But the future is coming
(this time) right now.

Living on Mars this days
A kind of brand new ways
To escape this soon dieing world

Living on Mars you think
It’s like an angels wing
That will take you away from
Your pain

Living on Mars
We hold the stars in our hands
But our feed just had lost
Their ground

Zwischenteile (Strophen):
I just can’t believe that this is the only way
To save our heir through this time
We came from far but in our history
Never before we went this way

You take away your pain of yesterday
The sky of tomorrow will shine red
My little girl, why do you leave my world?
Either on mars you won’t be free.

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